NetOnNet has closed its business in Germany.
This includes the warehouse shops in Munich and Nurnberg.

If you need warranty support with your product please contact the manufacturer directly. You can also contact NetOnNet Sweden by email, note that this contact needs to be in English to be answered.

Kontakt mit NetOnNet:
Atec: Tel.: 03591-27221501
Blaupunkt: Tel.: 0180-5000 225
HP: Tel.: 0180-5652180
LG: Tel.: 0180-5473784
Olivetti: Tel.: 0180-5257574
Panasonic: Tel.: 0180-5251365
Philips Tel.: 0180-3386852
Pioneer: Tel.: 0180-5010449
Samsung: Tel.: 0180-5121213
Sony: Tel.: 0180-5252586